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Luke de Weert

My name is Luke de Weert, I am years old and born in the Netherlands.
I started paragliding when I was 14 years old because my father showed me this sport a few years and I really liked to fly! Because we have no mountains in Holland, I started to groundhandle on the beach with strong wind. This allowed me to play a lot with the wing and very short after I made my first flight on the dunes. This feeling was the best feeling in my entire life. Because I liked it so much, I went a lot of times to the dunes, even when it was not flyable, just to practise more...

Half a year later, I went to Annecy(France) to make my first mountain flight. Due to my good groundhandling skills, the take-off was really easy and I felt really confident to fly for the first time. After the take-off, the feeling of flying with a lot of altitude was insane! From that moment I got addicted to paragliding...

1 Year later, my father let me do my first SAT. He wanted me to learn some manoeuvres to improve my flying skills. I was very nervous but when I did the SAT, I knew that I wanted to learn a lot more. Later at home I saw video's of acro paragliding and that gave me such a motivation to learn this tricks also. From this moment I went to acro places over water to train and due to my talent, I made a really fast progression. I did my first Infinity tumbling in April 2017 and ended the season with Twisted Corks, Joker's and learning Twisted Rhythmic already.

My future plans are to train as much as possible so I can compete in competitions and to inspire and help also younger acro pilots. And ofcourse to make as much fun as possible and share my passion with the rest of the world!

Nationality: The Netherlands
Birthday: November 1999
Home flying spot: Wijk aan Zee
Favourite flying spot: Organya & Ölüdeniz
Other hobby's: Running, Webdeveloping & Snowboarding
My best moments: My first flight & first Infinity Tumbling
First wing: Macpara Eden 3
Future plans: Fly as much as possible & fly safe!

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Name: Luke de Weert
Home: Alkmaar, the Netherlands

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