Luke de Weert

Paragliding pilot

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At the age of 10 I got in first contact with a paraglider. My father was already into this sport and he thought me all his knowledge. When I turned 14, I made my first solo flight. From that moment my life had changed. The feeling what flying gave me was indescribable, I was immediately addicted and wanted to learn more!

When I was 15, my dad introduced me to a new discipline, named “acrobatic paragliding”. My father teached me how to the SAT. This feeling was so awesome that I wanted to know more about acro. I watched video’s on the internet and realised there was much more to learn!

After a few years of training in the best places in the world and learning a lot from other pilots, I competed for the first time at the world championships. I finished as 14th as the youngest participator. Now my goal is to learn as much tricks as possible and rank up as high as possible in the competitions.

Nationality: The Netherlands
Birthday: November 1999
Home flying spot: Wijk aan Zee
Favourite flying spot: Organya & Ölüdeniz
Other hobby's: Running, Webdeveloping & Snowboarding
My best moments: The second after I took off
First wing: Macpara Eden 3
Future plans: Fly as much and safe as possible!

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Name: Luke de Weert
Home: Alkmaar, the Netherlands

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